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  • Jazz
  • Zumba Fitness
  • Bollywood
  • Salsa
  • Bachata

A fusion of Puerto Rican, Dominican and Cuban dances, Salsa is a Latin Dance which came into being in New York City in 1960 as ballroom and club dance. An integral part of outdoor festivals, Salsa socials with its distinct styles is different in every district in USA such as Cuban, Dominican, Puerto Rican, L.A. and New York. AND our instructor is trained under stalwarts like Eddie Torres and Frankie Martinez


Originated in the Dominican Republic, Bachata is danced all over the world with different identities. It is believed that bachata is a dance style of expressing feelings in partnering and commonly known as a very sensual dance. Moving Souls had a strategic collaboration with Island Touch, a New York-based company to promote Bachata. Announcing the partnership with Moving Souls, Ataca and La Alemana said"We are happy to be working with Moving Souls. Ravi has shown a high level of understanding of the bachata dance form and will help bring the dance community in India into the Island Touch Family. We are looking forward to "touching" India through our form of Bachata".


    One of the celebratory dance styles of Africa, Jazz has paved its way to America around the seventeenth century. Structured on both the genre, Jazz has emerged as a style of energetic and body isolation technique which was broadly used in Broadway shows and theatres. One of the most renowned and recognised dance academies in the World, Broadway Dance Centre,New York, is known for its classes of many dance forms including JAZZ. Our instructor, Ravi Rastogi, is professionally trained and certified alumni of this dance school. With an experience of 18 years of learning and teaching, Ravi makes you fall in love with this Art.


    Zumba has its origin in Columbia nearly 22years ago by Beto Perez. A combination of Latin dance music-salsa ,merengue, rumba and various dances, Zumba is a fitness exercise which provides a large calorie burns. A certified Acqua Zumba Instructor and a member of Zumba International Network (ZIN)our instructor has attended Zumba Convention in Orlando, USA. He crafts these classes with different options to suit all age groups!


    Bollywood dance style,in its start, is originally an amalgamation of Indian Classical or Folk Dances from many parts of India. A fun to learn and follow, Bollywood dance is like it runs in every Indian's blood. So is our Bollywood dance class. Full of energy, fun and easy steps makes it interesting to follow by one and all!


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