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PLDT Training with Us


Professional Latin Dance Training

Training for a dancer is a very important part of his /her life. It not only brings together physical strength in a dancer but develops discipline, dedication and musicality as well. If you are looking for a career in dance, the training should never be overlooked.

Based on their experience of more than 20 years in the field of dance, Moving Souls is conducting Professional Training in Latin Dance. Starting from  14th January    2024, the training provides a platform to interact with visiting faculty of famous master teachers, choreographers, and artists thereby giving exposure to the mental, physical and artistic side of dance.

MS About us 1-min


1. Course Completion Certificate
2. Recommendation letter
3. Opportunity as a teacher in Moving Souls
4. Opportunity as a performer in our shows and events
5. Guidance in setting up the class if any student wants to start his
/her own classes after the completion of the course

What you will learn

1. Discipline and Dedication
2. Musicality
3. Techniques and Etiquettes
4. Body postures which make you look Elegant, Classy and Sexy
5. Shines
6. Teamwork
7. Socialise
8. To develop Creativity and Individuality
9. Flexibility and Balance
10. Fun and Happiness

Benefits of PLDT

  1. 3 months training in Salsa and Bachata
  2. ⁠From basic to advance
  3. ⁠jazz exercises for flexibility and techniques
  4. ⁠3 minutes performance choreography
  5. ⁠This advance training, trains one’s to the perfection to perform in any Salsa nights and Festivals.
  6. ⁠provision of professional certificate
  7. Essentials with the appropriate methods & manners renders sophistication and seductiveness
  8. Advice on how to prevent injuries and typical mistakes
  9. Musicality
  10. Good posture & advantages
  11. Partner work
  12. Men & Ladies Styling
  13. Social Dancing Proficiency

Starting 14th January 2024 every Saturday and Sunday

Timing 4 pm to 6 pm

PLDT benefits you to attend all Latin dance classes in Saket studio, free of cost.


There will be a performance showcase on the last Saturday and Sunday of the closing month of the course. The team will sign up the form below to book their slots.

Master Trainer

Ravi Rastogi

Trained in Jazz dance style from Broadway Dance Centre, New York, USA, Ravi Rastogi has completed his Salsa and Bachata training under the guidance of world famous Masters Frankie Martinez and Eddie Torres. He has an experience of 18 years of teaching and performing in the field of dance that includes American Embassy School, German School, British School, embassies, corporates and many educational institutes.



Turning dreams into reality!

Master instructor Ravi Rastogi, trained from Broadway Dance Centre, New York

Moving Souls PLDT Registration Form

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