Giving back to the Society

Moving Souls strongly believes that we all owe to the society we grow into. This dance academy has  received immense love, respect and accolades for their tireless contribution to people’s lives, which inspired them to return it to those who need more attention, love and care. In their belief in giving back to society, Moving Souls is working with several NGOs to add a new dimension to people’s lives. That’s why they are committed to taking dance to everyone including the underprivileged and the differently abled. In their efforts, Moving Souls has  tried to give back to society a small portion of the immense love, appreciation, accolades, respect and joy that dance has given them by working with these children.

Some of these NGO’s are


 Rotary School, Sainik Farms, New Delhi

 Chandigarh Theatre Age,

  Nayi Disha ki Aur based in Delhi. 

 Lakshyam NGO

 Deep Foundation

  NGO at American Embassy School