Kids & Teens

We all are aware that children are big attention seeker and love to move around and make noises and their parents are always in search of such places where they can engage their children with activities! 

Look no further!

Moving Souls has designed their dance classes for Kids, keeping in view of their mood swings. These classes are energetic and fun-filled with the motto of learn with fun!

Small and light steps for the kids from 4-6 years are mostly based on Bollywood songs and they are freestyle. 

For the children aged from 6-12

For Teenagers, our classes have many dance styles such as Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet and Salsa! They have options to decide for themselves.  

Youth & Adults

We have designed our classes to test out different styles of dance for our youth group. Each style is briefed and highlighted in our classes to bring discipline in body movement. We recommend and teach  to this group  Contemporary and Jazz which is a combination of technique and emotions. Since students in this age groups are more focused on rhythm, style and expressions, they are taught coordination, isolation and lyrical movement. Our other dance style for this class includes  Salsa, Bachata and Bollywood.

Senior Citizen

One of the most interesting students to teach is the batch of senior people. They bring back their childlike curiosity, young energy, and a lot of experience with their shoes on. We teach them Salsa which is graceful and Bollywood which is fun and entertaining. We have professionally trained instructors to take these classes to make them feel that Age is just a number.